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Brake Upgrade!


Jun 8, 2005
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Right, basically:
1. Drums Suck
2. My discs are ******.

Rear beam conversion will be no problem once i've got the cash - just need to figure out the handbrake handle - so that isn't to be worried about.

Buuuuuuuuut (and it's a big but...) - i'm baffled over my front brakes.
A V6 conversion would be nice, but I can't be arsed with all this drilling/spigot ring nonsense. Plus, it's not massively easy to replace when they're worn - there may be nobody making them by then etc...

So, can I assume that Sport discs/calipers are larger than say, then 2 peeny pieces strapped to my front hubs?

Are they the same size as GSi's, or somewhere in between?

What should I be looking to pay for GSi/Sport front brakes - i.e. discs and calipers (will get new pad's from work) - and would i need anything/much else?

Thankyou young timelords.
Yo homeboy

What size are your currents? .. what engine you got?

I've got the GSi ones at the moment, and looking to increase them to V6's.
Discs and pads have done less than 1000 miles, and so will be looking for about £40 them due to condition.

Got my rear disc hubs on a few weeks ago - they rock :D
v6 brake conversion isnt any trouble really

you dont need to drill anything, discs will need redrilling but you buy them already done, LMF sell them, courtenay sell them

and if worst comes to worst you can "get away" with using fiat coupe turbo discs, thing with the coupe discs is they are 21mm thick and v6 ones are 26 or 27mm.

Heard of people using them without problems, hell LMF even sell them to be used with v6 kits cos theres no way red-dot would go through all the trouble of producing them for such a select audience.

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