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BREAKING - 1994 Calibra V6 - heated leather - c25xe

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Dec 27, 2006
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felixstowe, suffolk!
i am braking a very very tidy L-reg calibra v6

i'm keeping the engine complete for a conversion, along with driveshafts, front brakes and a few other pieces, but everything will be up for sale, anything that doesnt sell will get scrapped with the shell :nod:

heated leather interior, very very very tidy indeed, no rips, burns, bolsters hanging out etc, one small fault is a tiny bit of stiching has come out on the rear seat, not ripped, just come undone, easily re done with a needle and thread ;) you wont find cleaner leather around, front and rear seats and 4 door cards :) £180

black dash, will come complete with all the trims and covers centre consol glove box etc (no dials though) will fit cavailers too, unless anyone knows different? £40

momo gearnob £20/£25 posted

airbag steering wheel £20

illumination sun visors £25/£30 posted

working electric sunroof button/facia and motor £30

15inch 5 stud wheels with centre cap key, looks like theyve had a referb and is flaking in some places, good reat tyres and look brand new front tyres :cool: £100

Gmax (according to the recipt, will check) -60mm shocks and springs, will check them out when i get them off £100

c25xe flywheel £10 (coluld weight it in for that lmao)

gearbox - f25 i beleive on these, but will check when it comes out) drives fine £40

doors, electric windows, central locking, come complete bar the door cards. couple of parking dints, drivers side has a tiny bit of rust on the inside, outsides fine, passenger side no rust, 20 each? will take out the electric motors if you just want them.

boot, looks mint, so rust or dents, with glass and electrics £20

bonnet, bit stonechipped, £10

headlights, with all bulbs and adjusters, drivers side has had a new gm lense recently, £15 each

rear lights £10 each

front bumper, stonechips, but doesnt look to bad £15

rear bumper, all looks ok, £20

rear independant suspension set up, full subframe, 5 stud £50 ideal for 5 studding a calibra or cav gsi ;)

looks like it has a nearly new standard exhaust system, will check,

location is felixstowe suffolk ip10

any other parts just ask :)

cheers ronnie
Oct 15, 2007
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gearbox....is it all good no prolems no pop out of gears crunching etc..........what bout dials in the car are they cable or electronic...thanks
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