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BREAKING Y plate 1.8 lsi facelifted vectra

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Jun 13, 2008
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all parts aval..... headlights and rear bumper sold allready.....

car is located in ashford kent...please ring 07878117335 if you are after parts as im not online much.....

88.000 miles 1.8 ecotec engine and gearbox complete with all ancilaries.....£300

5 stud hubs and suspension (supplied with steels and good conditioned tyres ) £150 or will swap for 4 stud 17s or 18s for astra

complete interior...everything for £70..just needs good clean due to moss

rear lights £50

tailgate £50

wings £20 each

sideskirts £50

wing mirrors £50 the pair

doors £30 each

lock set £40

oem cd headunit with code....£40

lots more parts aval so give me a ring ;)
Im abit pushed for time to ring you atm but next time you check your thread, how much for the drivers front complete electric window mech delivered?
Wil get the paint code next time i vsit the car ;) ideally i want to leave doors complete at presant but if i split them down il pm you straight away ;)
sure no worries, thought I would try before I head down the local breakers.
Pmsl.. Np
What exhaust manifold does it have?
After the stubbly one that goes from the ports to the top of the block and has to be crack free.
Picture please.
Urm pass...can i have a pic of yours? Im goin there tommoro ;)
Paint code is L380 i beleave...
Far as manifold goes il have to take the heatshield off and look propa.......;)
Let me know mate, cheers.
When you take off the heatshield off mate, do you fancy selling me the bolts that hold it on, took my heatshield off to change manifold and "mis-placed" ones on mine lol
Pmsl..sure thing mate
Managed to get a pic mate?
cant uplaod any pics for some reason mate.....looks different to yours though sorry......
open to sencibale offer's on all parts guys...gotta get it all shifted so the golf can go in its place for abit :)
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