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C20ne No fuel

Mar 7, 2010
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Hi this is my first post so just bare with me lol.

I recently bought a 1994 astra 2.0 8v. Drove it home from bournemouth to south wales fine. About 3 days later the car started cutting out. I thought mayb the fuel gauge was off but i out fuel in and still could get it to start. I then took of the fuel lines to see if there was petrol going through but no petrol.

So... then i took off the fuel pump shook it about a bit and the car started and run for around half hour, it then died once again and i cant get it to start at all now. i have run a wire from the battery to the pump and it pumps fuel through fine, but i cant get it to run. My local vauxhall dealership wants £85 just to run a diagnostic on it.

Wondering if anyone had any similiar problems?

Any help would be great


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