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C20XE Starting Issues

Jan 4, 2006
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I've just done an engine swap from a 92 RedTop GSi to a 95 GSi (presume was Ecotec).

Everythings in ok, all connected up as far as i can tell.

ECU and all wires connected (only have 2 left a light blue & a white red so have assumed these are redundant as the 95 is aircon and 92 wasn't).

All electrics work ok, aftermarket immob disarms as it should.

On turning the ignition on the engine (relays??) click in the engine bay then when you try to start it there's a loud click from the engine and it doesn't turn over.

The engine was a perfect runner when removed.

Any suggestions???

I've got a feeling its to do with the coil but need clarification.

There's a spade terminal on the coil but there's no wire to go on it????? I'm pretty sure i removed this from the 92 car when i took it out but can't seem to find one on the 95 one.



Also the fusebox/relay in the engine bay are slightly diff....does this matter? Am i missing a green relay???

92 car:


95 car:

If the engine's not even turning over then it would suggest it's an issue with the starter motor as you can turn an engine over on the starter without any of the ecu wiring connected as it's a different circuit
It does appear to be come from around there...just strange how it was fine previously...i'll have a look and check it :)
Well got it started...eventually...BUT..

It won't turn over on its own battery, tried 2 that have been charged one thats quite new. Try to jump it of a running car and same issue.

However, when i removed the -ve jump lead from the battery & place it on the block...the car jump starts 1st time although the PAS hose actually exploded as it was running!!

What sort of earthing problem does this point to????
Hmmm i know for a fact there's not one of those present. Can i simply run a thick cable from the a gearbox bolt to the subframe??

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