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C20xe with air con

Jul 23, 2005
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Anyone know how to wire up the air con thats in my car at the min? im putting in a fully rebuilt redtop but want to keep the air con. someone once b4 said to me that a wire would need grounding? Also whats the breather mod all about? what does it involve? Does magnex make a s/s cat back system with 6x4 tailpipe for a phase 2 hatch? (to go with new engine) sorry for all the questions and thanks for any help, Neve'o
Don't worry about all the questions dude - that's what we're here for!

What engine was originally in your car? If it was another XE, then you won't have a problem. Have a feeling that it's probably an Ecoshrek as we're talking Phase 2 though?

Magnex make exhausts for the Phase 2 - and if you ask them nicely, I daresay they can mate up the backbox that you desire.

Give Demon Tweaks a call and speak to John Harris about it :)
where will these wires be? and do you know the connections? hope to have the engine running in 2weeks time. thanks for your help!
air con

what engine was in the car?

they will be on the connection block in the driver footwell

ill check on colours
its a X16XEL. Dont spose you know where all the vaccume pipes on the c20xe go? the ones on the inlet manifold and throttle body? my notes were destroyed by an oil spillage. also will i be able to use my struts? the ones i got with the engine realy arnt in good shape. if i can use mine do i need to change bearings or anything? sorry for the questions, just you seem to know what your on about!

you can use the legs as long as the drive shaft fits the hub? if not you need to change the hubs. then just change the springs and dampers.

i'll get you some pic's of all the hoses.
hi there, basically does your astra have the 3 prong mounts for the backbox? if it does, just buy a whole aftermarket phase one astra gsi system (including a cat, as the sport one won't fit) as for your suspension legs, you'll have to fit any 2litre legs from a cav, calibra or astra. your 1.6 legs won't fit, due to you x16xel being a small block XE. hope thats of some use to you

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