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came into a bit of money... what to do?


Jun 6, 2005
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Ok lads,

Came in to a few ££££.

two things to do (pick from)

1) Rebuild a LET with uprated parts and buy LET managerment to upgrade my converted c20xe/let to full let.

2)buy a c20let and hope its still got a wee bit of life left in it.

number 1 as you know its strong and you can make the week parts you know are there stronger.

if you buy a LET and start again it may cost more money, pain and heart ache!!

so there is your answer mate :)
yeah, but advantage of selling current let for £500 easy and only paying half(ish) for the new engine using money i got from old one ;)

Hard to pick from them... but atm, i have a fueling issue to fix
i still stick buy what i said as you may have more probs with new one - stick to what you know!
its the fueling issue that bugs me, two options, get new let and risk getting a bad one (inless i get one thats rebuilt) or get let managerment and let internals.

Id like to keep current engine, it has a coscast head on it :D
AL said:
Buy a complete Calibarge Turbo.

Strip it - sell good bit's, have the engine and flog your current engine :)

Good idea, but lack of space ;)

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