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Car transportation, engine conversions, welding, servicing.


Dec 27, 2006
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felixstowe, suffolk!
As some of you may be aware i have my own car trailer that i use for scooting things around, so i thought i'd open up my services for car transportation. I can do anything anything astra size but not alot bigger as only got the cavalier as a tow car. As a rough guide i usually say £1 per mile from mine, via collection point to yours.

i also thought i'd put up my services for engine conversions and servicing. Many have seen the conversions i've done on my own cars etc, so will know what I.m capable of :cool: can do some servicing and upgrades too, cam belts, headgaskets, brakes, suspension Etc,

i also do welding, so things like cages and turreting for coilovers and things too could be a possibilities as well as other fabrication.

as many have seen what i.ve done to my own vehicles and these are the kind of things him offering.

i can't do lots of work all at once, and not turning this into a main business or anything, it will still have to fit in around working and family etc.
This is great, could do with someone that i know has skills to fix a bit of welding, when i finally find all the bit's needing done i'll drop you a pm, at the moment i've got a set of rear arches and a hole in the panel that my rear bumper is bolted to, and you aren't to far away either, this could be a good money makes for you, hope it works out for u.
And if the car needing transport is bigger than an Astra do bear me in mind guys. ;)
just a couple of conversions ive done already

from this:


to this


to this


and my nova too

from this


to this



and of corse the LET :cool: :cool:


all my own work :D

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I know it might sound like a silly question, but I don't suppose you've got a tap and die set Ron? :lol: My nearside front coilover's bolt holding the top mount together has flown off and stripped the thread, i've been hunting for people nearby with one but to no avail, only trouble is i'm not entirely sure about risking the drive to you; 1) because i've got no petrol 2) the risk of the whole coilover dropping out over a bump and going through the car. But if you can help let me know :beer: :beer:
do you mean the big nut that goes through the centre, onto the strut?

i have got a tap and die set, but dont think it ges big enough for anything like that, i was out at witham saturday morning picking up a car actually :lol: could of had a look, any local garage will have a tap and die set though.
Yeah thats the one (I think :lol:), I dont know if it's a big nut on Vauxhalls but on the Civic you only need like a 17mm spanner to do/undo the bolt on it, so I the thread's not that massive, i'm hoping that's all that needs doing, but i'm in no big rush due to lack of funds and the fact i'm not using the car this week. If I remember i'll take a picture tommorow :beer:
Ronnie, i tried to message you but your inbox is full. So i left you a profile visitor message. Did you get it?
Top work as always mate.. im starting to sort of the pannels for the GSI.. so will be in touch in the new year to try and arrange a time for it to spend some quality time with yourself :D
Top spec conversions mate i'll keep you in mind but you a bit far from me fella

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