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Cheap discs of fleabay...


Jun 8, 2005
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Am sure we've all seen the cheap grooved discs of fleabay - £40 for a pair!

Think it's worth the risk going for them? My standard's are squeeling like a bitch lately - probs doesn't help that I keep making them smoke :shock: lol
From what I've gathered, they're just normal GM originals with grooves cut into them .. so no :( save up and buy some proper ones yer lazy git!
will they cope with all the power yours is creating al? :lol: :lol:

sorry had to... 8) .
I'd get genuine GM stuff. I think Mk3s are heavy enough to warrant 288s no matter what the engine. Also GM pads have tapered edges, so shouldn't squeal.
FAO RC!! :heh:

Nah you shouldn't buy cheap breaks it could put your life at risk!!!

(old thread alert)
Old thread or not theres plenty of places still selling these `cheapo` discs so thought id share my experiances with them for anyone in future who actually wants to try some rather than listening to a load of brand snobbery.
Ive had the `cheap` discs for about 6 months now and have had no problem at all. Im using them with some ferrodo fast road pads that were 9 quid from on-line autosport or something and they`ve improved the braking no end. They`re a lot sharper and responsive.
Ive a 2.0 8v fitted which isn't slow and the brakes cope perfect even with fast road use.
I had the exact same setup on my mk2 cav I had before this mk3 and results were the same.
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