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Clear out.

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Oct 22, 2008
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Astra mk3 cable clocks just short of 80k - £10

Nova sr 6 guage clocks, mileage reset button missing and the front face is loose - £20 provisionally sold

Saab 9-3 b204 turbo clocks on an s reg, just short of 75k work spot on - £20

Saab 9-3 b204 turbo s reg fmic in perfect working order - £10

Vauxhall CDR500 stereo with code - £10 provisionally sold

Vauxhall 15'' steelie with 195/50/15 camac tire in near enough brand new condition - £35

C20ne Inlet manifold, comes with fuel rail and injectors - £20

C20ne Throttle body - £10

C20ne coil - £15

C20ne/20ne ''GE'' ecu (triple pin plug) part no - 90351648 - £15

Rare 20seh ''GF'' ecu (triple pin plug) part no - 90351649 - £30

Very early pre-face lift cav 3 sri c20ne/20ne engine loom with twin pin ecu plug - £25

Rare cav 3 pre-face lift 16sv carb type engine loom - consists of start, charge and ignition loom with twin pin ecu plug - £15

X20xev 4 x red injectors part no - 90501588 - £20

X18xe 4 x purple injectors part no - 90411552 - £20

X20xev/X18xe plug cover - £10

X20xev throttle body inc IRV valve - £20

Vectra b x20xev mpi fuel pump in housing with fuel sender and lid - £20

Astra mk4 z16xe mpi fuel pump in housing - £15

Vectra b front seat pre-tentioners - pair -£30

Cav 3 bonnet hinges - pair - £10

Vectra b 286mm 5 stud rear discs like new just a bit of surface rust - pair - £20

Astra mk4 256mm front 4 stud discs like new just a bit of surface rust - pair - £20

All parts are collection only from Leeds..[/QUOTE]
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Nov 8, 2009
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Colwyn Bay
Just noticed your Vec discs, I'd be on them if they didn't cost so much to post, and your rather a long way away lol
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