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Jun 6, 2005
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Wanting rid of loads of bits that ive gathered up from things iv bought and not used. List below, pics coming soon (soon as i have time)

This is the list of the top of my head, so just ask ;)

Car stuff

Set of M3 style mirrors with base plates for Mk3 astra finished in flameRed - £50 posted SOLD
C20XE PAS pump (inc engine mount for it) - £25 posted
GTE engine mounts full set £25 posted
Set of standard GSI 92year springs - £30 posted
black dash (no center console) - £20 (pickup only)
Full Delta 1 mk3 astra bodykit! (needs some work) - £50 (pickup or £100 taken to you) SOLD
Mk3 astra bonnet with badboy and scoop (F50 style, needs some work) £100 (pickup only!) SOLD

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Got any pics of this delta body kit, £100 seems a steal to me.
£100 because its cut to fit my old car and cant guarantee it will fit perfect on other. Was fitted to a 3door 1993year. Comes complete with grill, mesh :rolleyes: and plate light or you can cut it into rearbumper and fit standard one. Will try get some pics this weekend off all parts and add more too it.
heres a pic of my old car, dont have a front one..

ah well, just want them gone!!! will prob end up on ebay, someone will take them for 150 in primer
I would have had em but alas mines is the 5 door barge.
the bumpers would prob fit.. but the skirts are cut to 2 doors ;) Ill bung them on ebay anyways, they might not fit another astra lmao
corby, about 20mins away.

Ill get some pics up for this thread by end of weekend (bonnet will be tomorrow) will do two prices tho, as its in a unfinished state. looking for £100 with it ready for paint (in 1k high build primer) and prob £70 as it is atm (still needs alot of filler work and primer..

im off work today, i could pop over for a look. or if not 1 night in the week or weekend? pm me ur number n ill phone you to arrange...
Astra16V2004 said:
pm sent paul0 waitin for reply

Sorry wasnt able to take photo's today, been so busy and am tomorrow but will take a few when i get time tomorrow. IF you are interested in it ill PM you my number and we can sort out a date you can come take a poke at it.

pics of bonnet

£80 as they are or £100 ready for paint


yep still got dash, no other black parts, sorry
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