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Coolant leakage.

Nov 5, 2008
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West Mids, Redditch
Well a little unsure where to stick this so, here will have to do lol

Basically i'm loosing coolant from my radiator pipes. Pigtail to engine block pipe leaks all down the mount, quite temperamental if i'm honest but it will leak every now and then.

Also the other pipe into the radiator on the passenger side leaks too. It's around the join on both. I.e were the pipe meets the radiator on the passenger side and where the pipe meets the block on the drivers side.

I've had new pipes put in, had a new rad and finally caught a bit of evidence of the leak passenger side, deffinatley leaking at the join.

I'm hoping somebody can recommend something, to stop my coolant creeping out :o Any clamps/solutions ect

Anybody else had/having the same problem? Hope that made sense lol

Cheers, Ben.
Sounds like the hose clips aren't clamping it properly or there's damage to the surface where the hose is being clamped preventing a good seal

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