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custom bumper / one-off

Sep 11, 2008
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right, just got hold of a new front bumper with fogs and am thinking of modifying it with an extension/splitter made from the top of my old bumper bonded on upside down and smoothed

(yes i know its odd and sounds stupid as hell but i have been awake for over 50hrs and had a brain fart at about 4am)

anyone heard of anything similar or even if its possible to do without making a complete hash of it?
its possiable to do but it will probs look pants and there are a wide range of decent splitters you can get

all the ones i see always seem to be very similar though, i was just trying to think of something different... anybody able to photoshop using a sport bumper? i would do it myself but my PC is knackered at the minute and my mothers laptop doesnt have anything like that on it.

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