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Dave BB's progres thread

Jun 13, 2005
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Well, Its taken about a year to get to the stages you see here, wokring on customers cars and sorting out bits for other people dosnt leave much room for working on your own project I assure you!

Most of you will have seen some of these pics on mig, some are re-posts but some are also ones that never made it to migweb, Will update some more soon....

Oh yeah! Spent this week cleaning and prepping the blcok ready for its modifications. Talk about a Jammy F*cker! All cylinder bores are min, all water ways are mint, as are the oil ways, Engine has never been apart so never been skimmed and even the block is flat at both ends! Big result!
looks sweet mate,

Just love that colour!
looks very nice !! whats the overall plan for the car ??
Over all plan? Well Ive just posted the full tech spec in the "Owners Rides" section, have a butchers 8)
sounds like its gonna be a serious bit of kit !! will be nice to see it finished. the manifold thats under development...... dont suppose you do 1 for the xe do ya ??
The manifold & down pipe arrangement will allow any Garret turbo of T28-T38 in size (will use a T3 sized flange with soom room on it for alightly bigger/smaller housing sizes) to fit to an LET and an XE as they bolt up the same.
Working with Omex for a programmable system for the LET complete with ready built wiring loom and ECU maps. This will allow you to do away with the unreliable amal valve, and the restrictive AFM. It will also allow you to run bigger injectors with a different duty cycle for more precise control.

You can already buy certain parts of this kit from them to be honest as Omex already develop alot of stuff with SBD for their throttle body conversions on the XE and as the looms etc are very similar......

Im going to be working with Omex on this system later this year and hope to have a few surprises in their.....

Prices? hmmmmm under £800 (ECU, loom, 50+ base maps, software and hardware required for lap top mapping) I should think.....
i want those wheels :)
AL said:
Can't wait to see it all together.....you better let me have a go you big drunkard! lmao

Moi? Drunkard?? Lol, I was just lolling you in to a false sense of security for when the REAL drinking starts! Billing was just a warm up......
A very small update....

Thursday night after Gym, popped over to the unit and whipped off the 256mm front brakes to sell on to a chap with a Corsa GSi. Whilst there I refitted my freshly painted boot panel and rubbed down and re-apinted some of the damaged ares to the inner wings. Also having the template made for my bumper cutout tomorrow to have the BBPT logo inside, should look pretty sweet.

Dave www.bbpt.co.uk

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