Door lock/unlock stalk/Interior light

Jan 12, 2018
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South Africa
I am trying to fix all the big and not so big problems on my daughters' Astra MK3 200ie. So far I have:
- Replaced the head gasket and associated gaskets
- Replaced the oil seal and gasket on top of the gearbox where the selector attach
- Rebuilt the cooling system
- Rebuilt the a/c system - yes I removed the dash....had to drink plenty of beer to calm me down ;) and I found the a/c leak
- Replaces front shocks, wishbones incl ball joints and tie rods
- Replaced water pump, timing belt, tensioner
- Reconditioned drive shafts
- Reconditioned power steering unit
- Replaced interior bulbs
- etc etc

I am now at some other more minor things and need some help.
1. The push/pull door lock/unlock stalk. When the door open interior door handle gets pulled should it automatically open the door (push the stalk up)?
2. My interior light does not come on at all. The door switches work, the bulbs are good, earth is good - any suggestions
3. The previous owner had a problem with the car not starting/cutting out. I fixed it by changing the engine speed sensor and cold start switch but the previous owner in an effort to find the problem (I think) fiddled with the fuel pump mechanism. The gauge now shows above the fuel reserve slightly but the tank is already empty. How do I fix this?
4. Although the a/c functions 100% I have a ticking noise from the relay under the dash, I replaced the relay but the ticking noise is still there. I cannot find an earthing fault so far.

Appreciate the help, thanks.

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