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Eh oh got a light

Feb 12, 2010
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Right, so been knowticing last couple of days when ever i go roiund a corner a bit quick my oil warning light flashes up for a couple of seconds and then goes, anyone any idea what this could be? i've only seen it when i turn the wheel. I did change the oil/filer/sump plug couple of wekeends ago, i've had a couple of very minor oil leaks for ages but nothig new that i can see since i changed oil. Dont think i've knoced anything, i've had a look and nothing obvious jumps out. Could it be engine is on the way out as it does smell like something is burning even after a small trip, the oil maybe? how would i fix, sorry for the essay but thought i would cover everything, thanks in advance!
I get this aswell, but it's only when i literally fling it round a cornor. So i simply don't fling it round any corners now. Nice and gentle ftw! lol Would be nice to know what's up though :thumb:
Well i changed the oil a couple of weeks ago, but havnt checked level since, me going round corners too fast is probs right, but it's only started happening since i changed oil, maybe it's because there was 2 much rubbish in the old stuff the sensors may have been crudded up? i dunno, if it stay on then i'll worry lol
big e's right, usually low oil level so when u corner the oil moves away from the pick up pipe and it draws in air instead of oil so the pressure drops and makes the light come on.

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