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Exhaust help

Feb 4, 2009
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Newport, South Wales
hi all can any one please give me the part numbers for the rubber exhaust mounts as mine are very worn and cat for my x16xel as it rusted around the joint to the back box's also wheres the best place to buy them .Has anybody got the problem with the heat sheilds rattling under neath
thanks all :beer::beer:
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you dont really need the heat sheald's mate, look on Ebay for exhaused rubbber's mate, as for A cat i dont knoe
thanks both
Dj how come you don't really need the heat shields then wont it be a fail on the mot mate
will it damage any thing under neath the car tho
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they dont half make a bloody noise those things
So if you dont need them on there why do the fit them as mines realy doing my nut now, but not sure what to do as MOT due next month.
Jus rip the bloody thing of. Nothin but a pain on the a®se anyways m8. Mine sailed mot without it. To be honest its down to the mot testers discretion wat fails and wat dont. If its loose and rattlin he can fail it for bein insecure. Cant fail summit that aint there lol.;-)
Thanks all for the help ill try and do it today if i can get ramps or somthing to get it up in the air
i take it this heat shield can be the cause of a vibrations at certain revs cos my mates car has a bad vibration at 3.5k revs in every gear
yes mate like a dentist drill some times well mines all the time :lol:

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