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Fitting Gsi bumpers.

Mar 14, 2010
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Hey folks been offered a gsi front bumper and grille. I've got a merit more door and was wonderin if they would fit straight on without any alterations. :cool:
Yes it should go straight on.
You may need to fix the side brackets if they have snapped on your gsi bumper
Also pending on what phase your astra is you may have to change your headlights so that your grill fits properly.
If you have a v-grill now you more than likely have a phase 2.
Regarding arch liners

Mines must be ph2 then altho i thought it was a ph1. Another Bloody 95 astra. Regarding arch liners... Are there really that much difference between them
ph1 and ph2 GSI bumpers are the same so that dont matter, the arch liners will not fit at the bottom as the GSI bumper flares out more. i drove around with out the proper GSI liners for a few months before i found some, so it isn't a must have to fit the bumper i just thought ill mention it.
Thanks for that m8. I didn't know they were difference's between them. So all in all they'l go on without any f***ing about. Any1 interested in a v reg 3cylinder corsa. Its in cars for sale section

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