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'Focus' Style spoiler

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Jun 8, 2005
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Have seen this described as a 'Focus' Style spoiler - so that is what I shall call it :p

Basically like a larger version of the Ph.1 plastic jobby - looks really smooth.

Currently in a gay purple shade - which obviously isn't the same colour as my car...lol (I tried it on my car for the pics :))


£25 + p+p

Have seen one for sale @ £40 on Mig in the last week.

For extra cost (Call it £20, dependant on colour), I can spray this in the Vaux bodyshop before sending :)
Maaayy be interested .. got a pic? I may well have it :D

Birthdays (sunday) = money ... money can be exchanged for goods and services!
Yeah i'll get some posted when I get home dude.

It's quite a subtle addition - I really like it, but have my Ph.2 Sport spoiler :)

It's currently that odd purpley colour, but can get it sprayed in our bodyshop if you like. (At extra cost, obviously)

Comes with mounting section and all plastic nuts/screws :)
okie doke, that'll be cool.

Ph2 sport... just a normal GSi one then?

I really really really really REEAALLY want to get hold of one of the full-length irmscher ones :(

Is it a focus-style "universal" one, or a specially for astramk3 made one?
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