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ford fiesta 1.3 8valve enduratec

Dec 12, 2009
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leeds west yorkshire
Make and Model:
ford fiesta 1.3 8valve enduratec​
hi all at mk3oc im selling this car on behalf ov my sister as she has had to get a bigger car due to have two children,
ford fiesta 13.8valve enduratec engine 2001 x reg
its had new head gasket valve stem an oil seals.
new valve,s new inletmanifold gasket
new catylic convertor and new disc an pads
new oil oil filter and fuel filter
new coil pack and ignition leads
new heater matrix and pollen filter
new spark plugs.
baseicly full engine re,build
its metalic silver 15 inch tsw alloy wheels body kit was fitted wen she bought the car.bad bits needs new rear shock absorber an rear axel bush will get pics up asap contact details 07875510098 ask for rachel it has been well looked after and drive,s perfect nice an smooth no tax mot runs out 2010 10 months left £550 o.v.n.o​
leeds west yorkshire​
Is the V5 for the car present and correct?
550 o.v.n.o​
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