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Front Screen

Jan 27, 2010
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hi all

I have a crack that runs the lenght of the front window on the van, and im sure its going to cause hassle on the mot.

so im going to change, im just wondering if any one can tell me how to take the current screen out? and if im fitting the new screen do i need to bond it in with adhesive ? or is the rubber seal suffcient?


get some big sucksion pads on the windo and get some one to hold it, verry carefully find the end of the rubber and work it out slowly all the way round then pull your window free, and the rubber should be just fine as bond will never let you change it again
your screen will be bondid in on the mk3,s as i had to get mine done and i watched guy do it you have to take the seal ov then get a long blade knife and go round the inside ov the screen then the out side ov the screen to cut the bonding agent then once that is done clean the old stuff off an re,prime it then put the new bonding agent on
that's odd :o my last 2 astra window's havnt been bonded in.
i had one in last week and they are bonded in , so a new one up for grabs with top tint for £80 if any one want to come remove it now car written off,
its a T shape crack. that runs from the centre down about 6 inches and across the screen then central 3/4 i recon in the tint strip.

i dont have screen cover on my insurance, or i would have called auto-glass, i may ring them for a quote to get the work done and see what they say.

thanks for the replys guys

I need a front window screen for my estate real bad? anyone know where or how much I can get one for.... cheers!!

plz ring me if u do!! cash waitin 07891590622

i need a front window screen for my estate real bad? Anyone know where or how much i can get one for.... Cheers!!

Plz ring me if u do!! Cash waitin 07891590622


if they are all the same i got one here its only been in about a week fitted by autoglass £80 but needs removing
How did they stay in if they wernt bonded, theres nothing else to hold them in place?..

not sure tbh, and it even stayed in when i crashed, becaus when i scraped it we took the window out and i just pulled the rubber my dad recond it wasn't an orginal window i never thought to ask y tho,

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