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front suspension top mounts

Nov 26, 2009
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Stoke on Trent
finally got all my parts for my car, just something is bothering me.
when i got the car both front springs were broken. is there supposed to be some sort of bearing between the spring and the top mount?? if so i cant remember there being one. also would this explain why the front of my car is so much lower than the rear???? i would be grateful for any help ppl. cheers Wez
yeah from top down it goes, top mount, bearing, top spring cup/holder then spring
yes thats the one, bet your steering was noisy and stiff without one of those
Yeah... bearing needed. some come with a cup to stop dirt from getting into the bearing so can look a little different -


Mine ended up being replaced with one like the link without the cup but have no idear why it was starting to catch like this (it was a new GM only fitted a few month)
only drove it for bout a mile or so home, didnt really notice as i knew the front springs needed replacing thought that was the problem tbh. cheers !

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