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Fuel Tank question (What pipe is what)

Aug 31, 2007
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King's Lynn
I going to be using my Std tank on the Astra but im not using all the lines ect.

Id like to know what the 3 pipes on the back of the tank are for.
I know the biggest is the filler neck.
And i think the middle size pipe is the breather.
The one on the front of the tank is the return.

Could anyone conferm thins and tell me what the smalest pipe does?

Many thanks
Thats right matey, the smallest one is another breather and i think that goes to the canistor behind the drivers front wing.
No it doesnt mate. All 3 of them go to the filler neck. Then one small hose comes back down then goes to that camber thing in the wing.

So long as i know the middle size one is the breather. I can block the other small one off. Just need to find somewere to put it now lol
I guess i can put a small filter on the end of it.

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