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gear crunching

Dec 22, 2008
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when i try and change gear i have to basically smash it in to get in to gear and when i go to put it in to reverse it crunches . what could this be ? i bought the car last night.
clutch fo sho mo fo. Try adjusting the cable as above if it doesnt work then clutch needs replacing. Did you not notice it before you paid for the car???
i didnt go view the car my old man gt it. and the biting point is rite at the top . i will try and adjust it tomorrow
tried adjusting the clutch cable. just brought the pedal up higher. could it be that the adjustment has moved on the gearbox or low on oil?
the adjuster can't move on the gearbox, and could b low on oil

more likely, especially if the bite is at the top, your clutch is worn out and or pressure plate nackard
ive topped up the oil and no diffrence . i am going to drop the gearbox this weekend
and ive removed the clutch and the preasure/clutch plate seems ok and so does the clutch . its worn but not right down to the rivits

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