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GM timing markings

Jan 27, 2010
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Hi all

has anyone got any info on the timing markings for the x17dtl??

i took the belt off mine today and replaced the water pump... which was stuck fast, no i just need to realine the timing and hopefully im back on the road.


it should have a mark on the pulley mate, like an indent and a marking near the cam.

That's just a guess though, I've just got myself a 1.7 and need to find out myself but pretty sure they would be the same as the 8v.

goes to do some research......

thanks for the reply

on my pulley i have 2 sets of markings and i can line one set up, and other other set are out, or vice versa.

is ther a haynes for the engine?
this just came up on another forum - I remember looking around for a Haynes manual and I gather that #1222 covers that engine (same as mine).

Anyway, I looked up timing belt remove/install just now in TIS 2000 where it goes into some detail using a fancy dial gauge to determine TDC exactly. I was told that you can get around that if you lock things down with a couple of bolts first before removing the belt.

Did you lock things down first or just whip the belt off?
nah, remove glowplug in number one and stick a LONG screw driver in then turn till it hits TDC. align top pulley with marker and bobs your uncle

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