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Got my first hit!


Jun 8, 2005
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Saw a nice sounding white GSi near me, and when I was at the traffic lights a bit ahead, saw it waiting too (i was in right lane of 3, he was in far left).

Lights had literally just gone red, so thrust a mk3oc leaflet to my mate from glovebox, and he legged it out and gave it to the dude through his open window. Legged it back across 2 lanes of stationary traffic and off we went :D

Just waiting for him to sign up now ...
Second today :D

Red accident-damaged GSi with a full-length spoiler. Was parked so stuck it under the wiper ;)
any gen on where i can get some of these leaflets ?? got a few mk3's round here that i can hopefully get on the site :)
any chance of some leaflets to flyer people?
Third today - blue GSi (replica? brakes looked smaaal 236s) in a car park in Brighton

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