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Greg's White 1.4 SPI

Jul 13, 2008
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Stroud / Cirencester
Well I keep wanting to put up my ideas of what to do with my car somewhere. So I thought maybe it's time to start an owner's diary, even if progress on the actual car may be slow.

Let's start with my short but eventful car history. I passed my test on January the 11th 2008. 7 days later I wrote off my sister's Fiesta.


...followed by my own Golf later in April.


After months of searching for another Golf, in July, I came across an Astra... a Welsh one. So I hopped over the bridge and picked it up. It came with a backbox that seems to have been professionally fitted in a garage, and a collapsed parcel shelf with some dodgey cabling that I don't think was done at a garage!

It was a phase 2, 1997, 1.4i, spi that came with 6 months tax and mot, just over 100,000 miles, a good set off tires, a fair amount of history (which proved a cam belt change around 15,000 miles ago), only 2 small patches of rust (one on the bonnet and one on the drivers door), and then your usual stone chips but no scuffs or scrapes. Not only that, but a full tank of petrol, which if you can remember, back in July was worth almost £5000! Anyway, all this cost a slightly extortionate £710.

This is what she looked like after a clean and I took off the rear Vauxhall Badge,



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Cheers guys. Back from the post office.

I've questioned the bumpers myself actually! Because I've seen R-reg Astras without fully colour-coded bumpers, yet my car is as standard as you can get. Also, there is a 1.6 16v R-reg near me, with half colour-coded bumpers. I think maybe they've been changed?!


I joined this site just after buying the car and immediately was flooded with inspiration! People like Mart, OPC, Figgz, King Lee (I wrote that before I noticed your comment by the way), and the Kevs. Insurance was holding me back though. Not only being 18 and male, but 2 accidents and a claim on my record wasn't helping.

I spent a lot of time on photoshop working out what I'd like to do. Unfortunately, financing these things is a problem... so most of my ideas are relatively cheap.

Black angel eyes and a modified phase 1 grille.


Debadged phase 2 grille.


Debadged phase 2 grille with a bigmouthed bumper.


Even had a poor attempt at a GSI front bumper.

I really wanted GSI bumpers but the cost was too much, and without skirts they look a little odd, and having a five door.... way too much hassle.

So I settled on making it look just a little better and came up with this.


I'd get to work right away! So I bought myself some mk4 black side repeaters, a new gear gaiter and some Phillip's extreme white bulbs. Then realised not only had I run out of money(!!), but also effort, and the warmth of the summer to do anything!

After much debating with myself I have decided it needs to be some what colour-coded. So now I have settled on black door handles, black rear lights (like yours Lee), black side reps, tinted black headlights, and black mesh in the grille. Then I think it needs to be de-bumpstripped, and the small black part of the bumper painted white. This along with lowered suspension and a GSI rear spoiler is what I'd like.

Examples below.



I do dislike how the second picture looks quite a lot like a Corsa.
Nice ideas there mate, i personaly prefer the GSI bumpers you can pick some up second hand for around £40 though mate there not extremly expensive. Ill let you paint your black panel white first then as im unsure wether to do mine or not :)
Ill let you paint your black panel white first then as im unsure wether to do mine or not :)

?? Black Panel ?? If you mean on the back, with the reg plate, THAT'S STAYING! That is a defining feature of the Astra! I love it!

Also, if you look really hard at my photoshopped plates, it say www.MK3OC.com underneath! Gonna order them soon!
Lol sorry my bad i miss read your post. well i have seen one white astra with the black panel painted and it dont look to bad. yeah number plates look cool :)

Also you know ph2 Gsi skirts fit 5 doors? if you go the gsi bumper route you can do that.
How much botching is involved though!? I'm not the most competent at stuff like that.

When I have more money, and if it survives mechanically, I know I will end up down the GSI route!
not a bad car there mate looks clean id go for black angel eyes with a debaged ph2 grill a nice set of wheels and lower it about40mm :cool:
not a bad car there mate looks clean id go for black angel eyes with a debaged ph2 grill a nice set of wheels and lower it about40mm :cool:

Not too sure about angel eyes. I used to love them, but not too keen now. Also, the wheels are last on my list, if I had steelies it would be different. Tempted to paint these ones black until i have the money for some nice new ones. Can't wait to lower it, only problem is that the roads near me are awful! I'll be going 'the long way' everywhere!
My insurance renewal is going to be about the same as I paid last year... £1600 ... due to my accident. This is with Churchill, NO MODS ALLOWED!

So I've search around and Admiral/Bell have quoted me the same policy at £1050 but with free courtesy car plus many other benefits! With business insurance and all mods declared it comes to £1280. 18 years old, 1 accident at fault, lowered, exhaust and gsi spoiler declared.... that's not bad is it?!

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