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*High Quality* Carbon Fibre Astra Parts!

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Jun 8, 2005
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Hi Fellow Astra 'F' Owners.

Having spoken to one of our members, Markus from Sweden, we have arranged a deal to make and supply a batch of Carbon Fibre bonnets and Carbon Fibre Boot Panels.

I have reason to believe that these parts will be highly sought after!

First of all, the bonnet:




These bonnet's are available with or without the badboy extension. At present, the weave avaialble is 120cm wide, therefore the edges of the bonnet will need to be painted - if desired, I can arrange to have this done in our professional Vauxhall Bodyshop in Birmingham.

Next, the reaplcement boot panel's:



These parts are direct replacement for standard - and include the registration plate recess and standard lock hole.

I believe that the quality speaks for itself!

Now then, if I can get a reasonable amount of orders for this part - minimum 5 bonnet's and 10 boot panel's, I will be using a van and driving to Sweden myself to collect these items - therefore I know that they will NOT be damaged in transit!


To cover the cost of postage from Sweden - UK delivery to be negotiated - with the transformation from Euro to GBP, this is the pricing that I have worked out:

Boot Panel's: £150

Bonnet's (With or Without Bad-Boy Extension): £425

I feel that these prices are more than fair, especially considering the quality of the parts! Delivery within the United Kingdom will be organised separately, and is not included in the above price!

For any genuine enquiries, contact me: alex.ellson@hothatch.net
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looks the nuts, and not a big price tag for the bonnet! Tho id like to know how that car got on one side of that stand hehe
astragsii - most angel eyes, certainly the lmf ones are like that, reasonably cheap IMO at £200, which it'd maybe cost you for replacement headlamps/indicators from a dealer, and they really modernise a mk3, especially if done with other specific parts, can make a mk3 look newer than many post millennium cars.
can get a carbon fibre bonnet for £350 inc delivery from a high street store ;)

anyone know what 'custom' kit it is? as i want it for my car
The kit on the violet car is a modified Volvo S40 aftermarketfrontbumper, custommade sideskirts, and a riegerstyle rearbumper.
matt said:
can get a carbon fibre bonnet for £350 inc delivery from a high street store ;)

You mean the ****e quality ones with steel frames and a massive amount of imperfections?

Let alone the fact that very few are actually stocked.

The price is reasonable considering the product quality dude, I can assure you!
thing is i want the whole bonnet carbon fibred and no paint on it and delivery is going to cost a bomb! so anyone got a number or website to someone that can do me that kit?
al have you still got the monza's for sale if so send me some pics. cheers mate
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