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Holy Schizz, Rally Slag Wheels!


Jun 8, 2005
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Went and did a few pics in some local locations - in other words, a factory estate and a building site

Once my nikon is back from being repaired, i'll do some proper ones at a spot in work

Am soooo damn chuffed with how they look! Just need rear discs, my 256's on the front and some serious lowering! Potentially may buy a Weitec spring/shocker setup soon -40mm front, -60mm rear

Anyway, piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiics:


And finally, how it'll look with the front dropped (thanks to the aid of a curb :p - Should sit lovely with 40mm off )


They get dirty far too easily, so will have to get some decent low-dust pad's fairly soon! Road holding is great - it's really hard to spin them up, which will prolong the tyre life knowing the way I drive

Can't wait for it to go in and get the bodywork done now - fully colour coded, new exhaust and awesome wheels - should be looking great by Trax hopefully!
Lookeeen gooooood :)

Why not go for 288s instead of 256s?!?! Or if you want, find me some 288's and you can have my 256s?
Is yours a phase one or two al?

i think you should leave it like that but just drop it to the ground.

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