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how can i respray my car??

Oct 30, 2009
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Colwyn Bay, North Wales
bit off topic but ive just bought a mk2 golf, it may need a respray but i cant afford a proffesional one, any ideas on how i can do it myself but get a proffesional finish? thanks everyone :thumb:
why would you want to buy a mark2 golf?:noidea: :ban: a mk1?, yes, mk2? no :lol:

respray.... now rattle cans would be pointless, so if you can get hold of a spray gun, and compressor, (hire shop maybe?) and just trial and error? dont put on to thick a coat, be consistent and even with the spraying, apart from that, I cant help you, Im not fantastic at it myself.
To be fair its very clean, very straight and after a good service/adjustment will run very well. Its also only a 1.3 at the mo so easier to insure for him.
mk2 golfs are fantastic cars, if you want to paint it yourself turn your garage into a booth -- lots of plastic sheets and needs to be spotless no dust etc. you will never get it perfect tho
In this case you pay for what you get. Worth giving it a go though mate, like Kev said turn it into a booth. Just remember to spend plenty of time on the prep.
my mate said to turn it into a booth but it would be hard to seal everyfin up, theres a gap under the door an theirs holes all over the place, plus it is a very dusty garage anyway, may get it done professionaly eventually but for now think i might justleave it a bit, but thanks for all the help everyone, i cant find the thanks button sorry
Do it outside then (need warmer weather though)... you will probably get a few things in the paint but nothing major. also watch out if its really hot as flies love to try and walk on paint-





(Pics shown were before any of it got cut back)
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May have to do some painting of my own, once the paint is on, then what? An old bloke told me to use brasso after a week but i think wet and dry - i dont know.
Brasso? thats for metal mate... could use any type of cutting compound but find that the best stuff to use is a fine wet n dry (say 800 grade and then down to 1200) and then T-cut which is a cutting compound in itself
i thought wet and dry bout 1200 grade. the old guy said he used to use brasso after painting - wouldnt try it myself, but apparently its better then t-cut for the job. but i will stick to what i know. cheers!!
AHH! ...Matt black! nononononono please dont
I'll cut his hands off if he tries to do it matt black
no thanks lol, i prefer the clean look lol
i ahd a mk2 golf and sprayed it myself, prep is the key to a good job i painted my matt black with rattle cans and looked really good, you need to rub down between coats, thinking about doing the same to my astra
any satin or matt finish paints can be done using rattle cans i have seen a few guys on the vag scene do it to some old school golfs and it really suits the cars and a good finish is easy to achieve with satin or matt finish paints as there is no need for laquer which is the difficult part. a friend resprayed his mk1 golf satin green and only cost him £60 for 52 rattle cans and did the whole car with it and it looked **** hot too.
yeah definitely i had the full rat look rusty bonnet etc
rat look is pants,,

i do all my painting outside, hot weather like may, april time leave the car in the hot spot baking, prep it with 320 grit paper on the sander, then 1200-1500 wet and dry the car by hand, 2-3 coats of primer, wet and dry it again 1500 then top coat it, make sure your paint isnt to thin or too thick, 10% thinners, 1 part hardner, 2 parts paint iirc

too thin = runs all over

too thick = orange peel effect

i usally prep and prime 1 day then leave it to dry over night then flat it down the next day to paint, leave it till late on then unmask it etc

heres 3 ive painted first attempt my nova glacier white with metalflake


my dads old astra gsi replica


my mates cavvy gsi rep best one ive done so far

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