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How Many MGP on Astr Arctic?

Jan 18, 2010
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I have a Astra Arctic and think that I am not getting good MPG economy. For £10.00 top up of fuel (approx 9.10 Litres @ 109.9/L) I get 50.10 Miles. This is city driving.

Looking at stats they say this car should do up to 30MPG on city driving.

Is this right and how can I up the economy of the vehicle??
my artic would do from DL9 to silver stone trax on about 45quid,
normal driveing as long as you keep it all serviced and not over 3K in all gear's youl get better mpg
my astra arctic only does about 12MPG for some reason :rolleyes:
as above a good service and the occasional long run helps.
my old astra arctic 1.6 16v used to get from colwyn bay to liverpool (bout 80 miles) an about alfway back on £15 worth of petrol. just drive responsibly an dont use a led foot

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