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How to reinforce firewall and rack and pinion mounting in rally astra

Feb 23, 2020
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Hi guys. I'm owner of 1995 astra rally car and I'm wondering if it's necessary to reinforce mountings of rack and pinion. I know that in older Astras/Kadett (mk2 i think) it was weak point. If so how to do this properly. Mayby someone has got some photos of that part.


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Sep 20, 2017
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Llanberis North Wales
Hello mate, I have made a modification to my steering rack by fitting poly-bushes and fabricated a brace to support the rack, If you go to PAGE 8 on my build diary, you'll see what i mean. I got this idea from another person who fabricated one for their Astra, I'm sure i found it in someone's diary, and thought to give it a go myself. I cannot say or prove if it's made any difference to be honest, but I'm sure it will provide some sort of support, the steering racks on many old Vauxhalls have a tendency to twist and flex under heavy load. I believe that SAAB do actually make steering rack braces, be worth you searching. The poly bushes are from strong-flex. If you buy, be aware that there are 2 different sizes to choose from as there were 2 different type's of steering racks fitted to the Mk3 as i understand...





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Apr 4, 2006
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More progress!

After discussing a few things with certain people and knowledge of these old vauxhalls, i decided the engine bay needed a good going over for cracks and rust, but also, the steering rack mounts need some attention! So i decided to have a think.

The drivers side design of the mount already meets the bulkhead, so this is ok.

but the passenger side is just a stand alone mount stuck on the bulkead, so after checking for cracks, none to be found, i made a brace for it... just a note, this is seriously over kill :lol: but it what i had left from the chassis strengthening haha.

the shape is actually very complex, took hours to make! Last thing i did was run a weld round the end of it to make it a tigher fit,

primed and painted behind where it is going to go to stop rust etc

hammered it in the gap, did some heavy welds with a mate on the inside of the car with a wet rag! These welds i gound back cause i want it to look OE and its on display

Job done!

Next, mounts for the boost solenoid, which was always cable tied in place for year...


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