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How To's

Jun 13, 2005
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Hey, I know this is a new site and isnt even completed yet, lol.
but does any1 have how to's for fitting the chrome bonnet struts, (in as simple terms as possible cos I'm not mechanically minded enough yet)
also how tos on fitting rear electric windows, as this seems to be the 1 thing there isnt a how to anywhere for a mk3.

cheers. p.s. site's coming on nicely. :)
Will do it now for you ... go and look in tech section ;)
Yeah is it possible to fit rear headrests to a GSi without them.

I'm thinking the front ones would fit the back better as they have straight poles coming out of them. As I have a stealth shelf the angled ones wouldnt fit.

Is it possible to fit the securing clips into the top of the rear seat?

Help............ :?: :?:
I got a how to on the bonnet struts if you want it.

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