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Idea for board ...


Jun 8, 2005
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How about a scheme whereby members pay for their mk3oc online features, such as a pound for an avatar, another for a signature, and so on ?
i dont think too many people would complain with a small membership fee tbh - maybe £5 a year to start with ?? set it out similar to mig where the technical stuff is in a members area. i think as long as people could see where their money was going (i.e £1 for webspace, £1 for upkeep, bla bla) instead of mig where you pay your £20 and ask no questions.

have we had any feedback on window stickers yet ?? will deffo be getting a couple if they become available. also how long before we go onto mk3oc.com, its hard remembering
I agree with you dogsy, I take it rob just put this up for finding out interest, didnt say anything to me about it yet, but it was talked baout a few weeks back.

Window stickers, nothing as far as i know. But will be sorted in a few weeks.

As for the domain, tomorrow @ 12am ill be moving the board over to the domain ;) Hope that helps

Paul :beer:
all good progress guys, we can only get bigger :lol:
Well as paul said, going onto the proper domain at last tonight hopefully.

Need to get some stickers done!

I don't know if it's working or not -the MIG thread hasnt been bumped in weeks ... yet we still have members slowly trickling in, so either that or word-of-mouth is getting round? :D

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