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Interior Light

Jun 13, 2005
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Got a problem with my interior light and my glovebox light on my mk3 97 astra,

basically the interior light isnt coming on when the front passenger door is opened although it comes on when you open any of the other doors, and the glovebox light isnt working either.

only thing I can think of is I took the door card off last week but only thing I disconnected was the elec window switch. I was also fixing a door hinge which I removed from the door, if this has anything to do with it.

any ideas mucho appreciated.
sounds like the curtosy swtich has stuck

on the passenger door shut there will be a black plastic thing held in by one screw, if the plunger isnt stuck check its still connected by remvoing it and check the plug is still attached.

as for the glovebox light have you tried changing the bulb??
What Reece said...lol

My bulb in my glovebox went a while ago - less than a quid from Vaux for a new one (at full consumer price).

Look in the door shut - should be a small black rubber/plastic surround with a grey plastic cross piece that should be sticking out.

If not, take the unit out of the door and un-stick it - if it's too far gone, nick one from a scrappers :)

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