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Maystar Component Speakers

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Jun 8, 2005
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As here - http://www.qxseries.com/qxc265.htm

Only about 6 months old. I'm looking for £45 delivered for them, or nearest offer. Can also supply some astra mk3 speaker adaptors for free .. may fit others I think, no idea on which though.

They are by no means perfect, hence the price.
>On both X-overs the terminals are mildly rusted (from sitting inside my doors) .. still very solid, and the rest of the units are fine.
>On one tweeter, the grill is slightly dented, but the actual tweeter itself is fine.
>It comes with two tweeter housings - flush fit and surface mount. I used flush fit, and to make it fit I had to trim the edge of it ... easier to send a picture over. Anyway, it's only very very minor and aesthetic.

Can send pictures upon request

PS: May consider p/x for some 288's

They defo fit in the front? if so ill have them!
As with all aftermarket speakers you need those £10 autoleads adaptors, but otherwise yep :D
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