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Aug 6, 2008
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West Yorkshire
Just become a member of Astra Owners Club. Think the way its all layed out is WELL blagging, or is it just me that aint given it chance yet??
i gave up on the site when they all went clicky with the north / south divide
Just seems there is too much going on, on one page. Its not as simple to find things as it is on here. Who got a mk5 me or kev?
no, i mean AOC should be called mk5andaboveoc because they tend to turn their noses up at anything below a mk5
to be honest lee, i havent been on in ages, but i did join a while back and tried to join in but really didnt feel very welcome. Maybe it was a bad week but i joined this site and found it to be infinitly more friendly and helpful
you know i had a feeling about that same thing, that i may not be welcomed as much or it may not as helpful, but i have a mk4 so i thought id give it a whirl again. On here people are nice and helpful straight away. There is quite a few mk4s on there tho also i did speak to a guy with a mk1 lol
I've never really been a fan of AOC. Not sure why, but it didn't ever feel as friendly as AON when I joined up.

AON is, admittedly, mainly MK4 and MK5 owners, even more so towards the MK5 side, but then I own a MK5, so I'm right at home... but I do seem to find a lot more info on AON than I do on AOC... I might just be looking in the wrong places, but AON for me :)

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