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mid temp says -30!!

Feb 17, 2010
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clacton on sea
got a 1.8 sport when i turn it on mid flashes up -30 to start then no temp shows, all other functions work correct. any ideas whats up or where temp sensor is, i have non standard stereo, would that affect it? :anyone_sign:
mine used to do this on my GSi untill i replaced the temp sensor, its a small 2 pin sensor which is mounted behind the bumper or grill (on corsa b's its behind the grill) on the GSi models its placed behind the passangers fog light just jack the front end up and have a look about behind the bumper grill this is what ur looking for

you can buy them here or at a vauxhall dealer ship or ebay ect
or just go to a local brakers yard and put one in ur pocket but the one you borrow may also be broke !
hope this is some help some one on here will no the exact location off the sensor on the sport bumpers.
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