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mk3 2.0 saloon

Thats awsome! Somebody on here plzzzzzz buy it! :(
that looks good for the cash, you don't see many Sri's about anyway especially not as a saloon
i want it!!!
looks familiar didnt an old member own it or a similar blue sri saloon????
I think it came in estate forum as well and it was just the astravan that was left without the c20ne engine
something about saloons that are cool !!!

i realy realy wanted to buy kev's saloon when it was for sale last year but just could nt stretch to it :(
Niiiiiiiiiiiiice, that is very temptin at that price and not far from me either mmmmmmmmmmm
kev , i went all economical and got a diesel , i would snap it up if i had nt been made redundant !

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