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MK3 Astra Saloon 1.4 Automatic

Mar 8, 2021
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Located in Cornwall

Its with a heavy heart I've decided that I need to move my Astra on.

Its a Mistrel Grey, MK3 Saloon CD 1.4 Automatic on 73787 Miles. Mot until 13th of October 2023. Starts and drives but is extremely sluggish (especially on hills). It could be relatively straightforward, but I can't seem to work it out. When it does drive normally, it's a joy. She's not very quick, but for a cruiser, you couldn't ask for anything better.

The headlining is starting to sag so that will need adressing. I havent seen any evidence of leaks and the bodywork is pretty good. The overall body its pretty straight but there is substantial lacquer peel next to the bonnet on both sides. The electric mirrors do work, but need a new button. It needs a bed aerial and rear badge. Bumpers could also do with a freshen up.

I'm not quite sure what to ask for in terms of price, I'd just like it to go to a good home to be honest, but for forum sake I'd take £600 but open to offers.

I love this car but unfortunately due to personal circumstances I don't have the time to sort it out with my limited car knowledge. The car has been sat for a few months but I have been starting it every so often and inflating the tyres if they need it. Any questions please do t hesitate to ask.


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