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Mk3 Brakes

Jun 13, 2005
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Hi folks, I've been told I can get standard OE vauxhall 288mm vented front discs to fit my astra mk3 from my vauxhall dealer for £50-ish

does anyone know of a part number or maybe what vauxhall car has the 288mm discs that supposedly fit the mk3.

my car is a 97 R 1.6 8v LS if thats of any importance in this matter.

288mm brakes come from the vectra 2.0 or 2.5's and afew very late calibras.

they are 5 stud so will need to redriled to 4 stud i got mine done by a local engineering place used my old disks as a template cost me £20 the pair.

you will also need the calipers and carriers of the same car.

the calipers and carriers bolt stright on to your original mounts and the brake pipe fits on the same way.

the center bore of the 288mm discs is bigger than the astras so will also need a spigot ring made up.

i run my set up without a spigot but is a bitch to line up the holes in the disc wheel and hub so now use two studs to line it all up.
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