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MK3OC Constitution

Aug 15, 2005
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- The club shall be called "The Vauxhall Astra Mk3 Owners' Club" (Mk3OC).

Club Aims:
- To provide an opprtunity in which club members can interact in a friendly and supportive environment.
- To be open to men and women of all ages and backgrounds.
- To provide an environment whereby members can discuss both automotive and social matters.

- In becoming an affiliate of the Mk3OC (albeit user, member, staff or administrator), you agree to the terms of the club constitution and to abide by the club rules
- Financial ('paid-up') membership is by no means obligatory.
- Paid-up membership can be gained by the payment to the club per annum.
- Hereafter, you may at your choice renew your membership each year to follow.

- We are all individuals. It's your car.
- An opinion is purely one person's own point of view.
- We are all here for one reason - our love of Astra Mk3's.
- There are a few professionals & experts on the site, but word should not be taken as authority.
- We are not a 'cruise' club - we are an owners' club. We are run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.
- Despite the hypothetical dream of how the world should run, in any group situation, there will always be people who do not get on with others. Let it be. If you have any problems, contact a member of the admin team.
- We are always open to ideas, suggestions, and constructive comments
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