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More power from 1.6 8v

Jun 13, 2005
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Essex, Nr. Colchester
Whats the most cost effective way of getting more power from a 1.6 8v spi engine? Engine conversion is not an option due to insurance costs.

Don't get me wrong i'm not asking how to get loads of power for £50, just the best things to spend my money on.
The most common thing with the 8v is cam and carbs, can be had for £00 or so second hand and usually pump it up to 130bhp plus
induction, service, clean all parts you can, exhaust, anything that bolts on easy i guess :lol:
have you checked prices for an engine swap ??

when i changed from my astra td to my astra gsi it worked out over £300 cheaper :D
I wouldn't have said drilling the airbox makes that much diffrence.

On my Ka, it improved throttle response slightly, but I had got a free flow filter.
i had a 1.6 8v, all i did was drill a hole in the airbox and fitted a sub port in it, cam, chip, head work, exhaust full service and it was quite quick! thats the basics without going ott and its not that expensive either!
second hand multipoint injection set up? didnt they kick out about 100bhp? not talking about the 16v.
yep the 8V MPI is 100 bhp, I'm converting my SPI to MPI, all I need is a fuel pump, ECU and an inlet manifold, or so I've been told, then add a full custom exhaust, pipercross viper induction, splitfire leads and platinum plugs, inline fuel filter, new oil and filter, etc. and it should hit 120 bhp.

sorry to sound thick guys, but what exactly are people meaning when they say a cam? is it simply a case of going to a vaux dealer or a parts supplier and asking for a cam for a mk3 astra 1.6 8V mpi engine??
yeh a camshaft, ask somewhere like courtenays for a reprofiled 1.6 8v mpi cam, i had my c20xe's done for £170, yet to try them out though. should be cheaper coz you'll only have one cam to do. dont forget the injectors when you get the manifold, you'll proberly need the engine loom as well as the ecu.

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