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My Mk3 GSi "R"

Aug 31, 2005
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Katrineholm, Sweden

1992 Astra GSi 16v, 160 000 km (approx)


C20XE, colorcoded blue. Block is blue as well as inlet manifold and some other bits. Polished cambeltcover, camcover, manifold, powercap and generator. All gaskets, belt and so are new. Havent started it yet :)


F16CR gearbox (from Astra mk2 1,8 GTE), KEP cluth, standard driveshafts with new joints


Supersport -75mm at front, 50 at rear. Upgraded shortened gasshocks allround. Blue strutbrace at front, matt black rollcage at rear.. :cool:


Calibra Turbo struts (5 stud conversion) with Saab 900 calipers (same as Calibra Turbo) and discs at front, Saab 900 complete hubs and standard calipers at the rear. Calipers powdercoated blue, subframe and bits powdercoated black

Wheels & Tyres:

Realcar Flat Out Five 8*19 (ET35) and BF Goodrich 215*35-19 tyres

Exterior Styling:

Quite alot, start from the front. Essex Racing Corsa B heavily modified front bumper, Mk4 headlights, custommade carbonhood with vents, fiberglass frontwings (2cm wider/side) with vents, Supra Mk4 Veilside style sideskirts modified to fit, smoothed handles, round rear arches (widend about 3cm/side), custommade rear bumper extension, Lexus rearlights, custommade carbon bootpanel, custommade heavily modyfied shogunwing, with carbon wing and integrated brakelight, Sparco fuelcap, smoothed boot.

Lamborghini Orange Pearl, painted inside, engine compartment, everywhere...

Interior Styling:

Blue Sparco Evo seats, Sparco gearknob, Sparco steering wheel, Sparco 4-point harness. Rollcage and a lot of gauges.

ICE & Security

Nothing at the moment, its coming...


Dont have a clue, probably slow with these wheels...

Future Plans:

New rearlights, new headlights, ICE, V6 conversion, maybe bigger wheels.


Loads at my website, just click the dates for the progress. My car This is the result for now:



You can even se my dailydriver in the background... :huh:


Without the hood...


Hood is on, at the first show I visited


Crappy shoot of the interior, better are on their way...
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AL said:
It's not to my taste (as has been said on Migweb) - but I still love it for some reason!

Quality of work looks great - keep it up dude!

Thanks AL, it got a bit more extreme than planned... :whistling

AstraBen said:
how long did it take you to get it looking like that?

Had it as a project for 2,5 years now, bought it as a rusty, crappy piece of ****, and planned just to remove all rust an give a new paint, but it got out of hand... It´s been fun, though :)
Loved the quality of the work even if i dont like the shape of the kit well done!
Up and running again... Won the first price at SCCA (Swedish Custom Car Association) meet during the weekend, and the car isn´t even finished! I´m extremely happy!
not my choice of colour, its very cali/fast and furious.

but i like it anyway, except the rear lights, some from rob would be better.
Custom Carbon rearlights are on their way... :)

AL: Thanks alot, feels great...

Carbon bootpanel can be arranged, got a mould so I can make some more. PM me for info.

Hood is a customjob, fits the headlightconversion. May be adapted to a "normal" mk3 though... Have a mould af that one too
Thanks, feels good to get positive response. :)
A bit too much for some, but that was the thougt behind, to shock a bit and show that the japstyle actually can fit a German car... :)

Started it up yesterday, goes like a pice of ****, (only running on two cylinder atm) but it felt good to start it up though.

I cant wait til I get my new angeleye headlamps and carbon rearlights on...
Sorted the enigine out, runs perfectly! Even took a testdrive yesterday, it runs well! Having problems with the clutch though, shall fix it in the weekend. Feels good!
i just realised the rear arches are round! theres a lot of detail on there that you can't see, but when you do you realise how much work has gone into it. minus the front bumper, that would be my favorite astra
I was on two happening this weekend, had a great time both days. Attach a couple pics from this saturday:

I slipped the clutch... :whistling



Hey dude, where´s my car?
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Got featured in Swedens leading tuned car magazine, Bilsport.

On the cover :thumbup: :

Pictures from the inside of the magazine...

Going to my last show for the year on Thursday, mounting some gauges tommorow (three 2" gauges in a A-pillar pod, three 2" gauges in a radiopanel and finally my 5" monstertacho with shiftlight) and some blue undercarkit neons.

Yeah, have to put in my NOS-bottle to.. :D

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