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New 1994 Mk3 astra owner

Jan 12, 2023
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Hi all!

I've recently purchased a 5 door 1994 1.4 astra mk3. I've read pretty much every forum regarding conversions. Have decided on a 2.0 turbo set up. I understand that a b204 is the desired swap as many have done this tried and tested. Now I trade, buy, sell, vehicles for a living so I'm not an illiterate when it comes to mechanical/ technical work. However I have always managed.... not done. I understand the mechanics and electrics are very basic and simple. I have fitters, electricians and coders. Finding a b204 complete compatible vehicle or engine is proving difficult and costly (not so much funds being an issue, more its more of a budget/ fun build). I intend to purchase and restore a mk3 astra gsi with full pedigree history ect at a later date. With this I'm looking for cheapest bang for buck. Any ideas / recommendations on engines, gearboxes, setups that are readily available to purchase parts (ebay/breakers/scrap), or vehicles to use as a donor that will fit into say a 2-3k budget conversion. ( I intend to pay someone 800-1k for all the work for a fully running, functioning vehicle as just labour). I'm sure if I search than analyse I'll work it out. Any sincere advice and guidance would be much appreciated and even compensated :)



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