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new car

Mar 1, 2010
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Keighley, West Yorkshire
hi guys, im sorry if this is in the wrong section (i am a newbie)

i have just collected a 1.4ls mk3 astra and i was just wondering if there is any known problems or issues i should be aware of?

the car is a 1995 'N' reg with 104000 miles on the clock. i was told that the head gasket and timing belt were done recently.

please can you give me some advice for slight moddifications and some advice on what kind of oils to use as im wanting to give it a small service.

Thanks in advance, Rob
Welcome to the site.

Nothing really specific to watch out for. The 95 models didnt rust as earlier models so you should be ok for a while. So long as the car gets a good regular service it will stay faithfull. The Astra is quite well known for dodgy electrics in the ignition system, (car just stops or wont start) but these problems are ususally easily cured.

As for the rad fan coming on right away, this is 99% probably due to a default rad temp sensor. The temperature switch has failed inside so it just stays switched on all the time. (better than never coming on at all, but very loud, annoying and will drain your battery if ignition is switched on for any length of time.)
It looks like this:


and is fitted here : (Left side of rad in this pic, about half way up, position can vary slightly according to radiator fitted - Dont be put off, this picture is actually upside down, in the car the switch is on the left side, but on the lower half, not like here the upper half)


Change that and the rad fan should work correctly again.
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Thanks for your reply, i have looked at the temp switch and the wires have been cut and joined, so that is the reason its not working. I have found the connector and was wondering how hard would it be to rejoin the wires to the connector? Or would i be better to buy a new connector?

Thanks Rob
depends what state it is in bud as long as there joined with proper water proof connectors cant see why it wont work and as for the mods you can de-restrict the air box and give it a good service and a wash should look good you should get some pics up

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