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New (Old) Sub :D


Jun 8, 2005
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No pics, but meh:

Have had an SPLX sub in from a Motorworld package for a few months now - very pleased with performance of it - has lasted me well!

But in my wisdom of not securing down my box very well, it tiped over and heavily scuffed the outer trim ring on my spare wheel.

Have fitted a 10" Pioneer VCCS Sub this evening - and **** me what a difference!

Soooooooooooooooo much cleaner, and louder!

Awesome stuff :D
:cry: is your wheel ok man? :!:
oops....dnt get jbl....i blew my 1 after less than 2 months :(
got 2 jbl 12" in my boot now and been giving them some major abuse for the last 3 months. they take it well, handle 400W each and i havent heard any 'funny' noises coming out of them.
jbl subs are awesome, i work in the industry and for the cash you find it hard to get a sub that takes more abuse, they'll handle nearly twice the rated power, but like any speaker a poor signal will kill them.

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