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Sep 5, 2005
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Hi all,

well glad to see there is a mk3oc found it brousing migweb. No hesitation in signing up!

Loving the mk3astras, apart from bad handling the are a mint car. (any info on sorting out handling would be great!)

thought i would show you a few pics of my project.

hope you like



whooa! is that a z20let in there? thats the 1st one i've seen in a mk3. handling wise lower it (of course!) and i can't emphasize (sp) enough the difference front an rear struts braces make - i bought mine because they look nice, but i was surprised when they actually made a noticable difference in the handling!
very sexy!
mine is dropped 35-40mm on 17's and it handles like its on rails.
:wacko: oh, sorry :whistling welcome to the site.
Hi all thank you for the comments,

Yes its a Z20, was an absolute pain in the ar5e to get running and after melting 3 pistons on 95 octane i have finally got it all up and running. I have gone with a seperate ECU and have used throttle body off original ecotec. (didnt want to change the whole wiring loom for pedal etc). (have had alot of people ask about Z20's so would be glad to help with any z20 questions!)

What is the best thing for me to buy for lowering? will springs be ok or would more be advised?

how long has this site been running?

Still well glad I have found it! sick of seeing VVOC FFOC bout time there was a MK3OC!!!!!!
loving the z20let in the sexy blue astra gsi :D

Welcome btw.
Very nice gsi there, fair play for being different with a Z20 :w00t:

Welcome to the site mate

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