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No spark and fuel after stalling.

Mar 6, 2024
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I have a 1997 F astra with an X14NZ engine that cranks but doesn't start.
I bought it last year, after It hasn't been started for 10 years. Since then I replaced the whole ignition system, the timing, the fuel pump and injector, took apart the engine and cleaned the pistons, the head, the manifolds, replaced the head gasket, the starter, the MAF sensor, the radiator and all the fluids.
And it still didn't start. I bought a used ECU and the engine fired up. It didn't smoke or anything and It idled for about 6 minutes then it gave me an ICV fault code and stall. (I changed the ICV after)
Now it has no fuel nor spark. Just like before I replaced the ECU. The engine lost compression too but I poured some oil in the cylinders and now it has compression. The new spark plugs got black too but I tested them in an other car and they are working.

When I turn on the ignition, the 4th spark plug sparks once for some reason. But it doesn't do anything while turning the engine over.
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Is the crank sensor ok? Any fault codes?
I recently replaced the whole distributor with the hall sensor, so I don't think that's the problem and I only got a code 35 wich is the idle control valve
black plugs would indicate too rich when starting, is the coolant temp sensor plugged in?
It is plugged in, but I bought a new one and I will replace it tomorrow.
I replaced the ICV after I got the code.

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