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online autosport (ebay) half rant

Oct 3, 2007
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well as above it was a rant but now i cant really complain.
some of you may or may not know that a company on ebay called online autosport sell various good stuff for cheap prices. so i boughta set of ferodo high performance brake pads which i have had great feedback about.so for the total some of £9 + delivery i had them 3 days later.
i opened them to find a ripped tatty box held together with brown tape and enclosed only 3! brake pads. this i was not happy about especially as the invoice enclosed a noticed saying any items not opened the day after delivery will not be refunded.

so i got all geared up on the phone today ready for an argument as i opened them 2days after delivery but the chap on the phone was very oppolgetic and said they would send a new set out immediately and said i could keep the other 3 pads as well.......not that i can use them lol so yea half rant over
i just bought a sportex cat back tube from him, very quick to take the money - but waited a week for the "48 hr" parcel.
I've used them many times and never had an issue.
I've used them a few times, if you buy a few things they'll give you a good price. Pauls a nice guy and i wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again. Fairly local staffordshire company which i can recommend to others. I've had extremely good delivery times too! 1-3 days.

If only we could get mk3oc discount with them too. Sell all kinds of useful kit. Cheapest new reiger grilles on the net.

Tbh i don't even think this is worth the half rant. At the end of the day, it gets dark, and they've sent you out another set. C'mon for £9 posted expect it to be on a slow delivery service, how else would you be able to make any money at all off them otherwise. . . Great customer service to not contest it and send out another set without hassle. There's always the mail service which may contribute to a slow delivery time and maybe the packer forgot to count how many pads he enclosed, we all make the odd mistake. lol

Mk3oc Discount! :)
Never had an issue with them in the past personally. When i ordered my back box they tried to ring me to say it was out of stock, but id missed a digit so they emailed me instead. Week earlier than it was supposed to arrive it was here. Which made my day because it turned up just before PVS last year

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